Pamela Foland is proud to have shared her life with Sonny the Shih-Tzu for nine years.  He was an incredible dog, who acted more like a person than a dog.  He got bored of standard dog tricks and was very in tune to Pamela’s feelings and thoughts.  It was at the request of the pet resort’s training director that Pamela learned about teaching Sonny to read.   This was the only trick that he really loved performing at local training demonstrations.  Over several years, Pamela was able to teach him words, numbers, shapes, colors, and even physics equations.

Watch his amazing reading videos to see how special he was.

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Since Sonny passed away, Pamela Foland has developed the Sonny the Wonder Dog picture book series.  The series explains why Sonny was so smart - he just had to be an alien from another planet.  The first book in the series, Sonny from Outer Space introduces the readers to how Sonny came into Pamela’s life.  A climate change forces the residents of planet Zana to find new places to live so they don't starve.  Zonny decides he is going to go to Earth and takes on the identity of Sonny the Shih-Tzu.  Once on Earth, he is immediately found by seven-year-old Pamela and welcomed into her home.  Sonny has an immediate bond with Pamela but can't help but feel alone when he learns of the Earth customs.  He wants desperately to fit in here, but he quickly sees he isn't like the other dogs.  Will Sonny ever feel at home on Earth?

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